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News of Lab.


4th Dec. 2017 Prof.Kubozono and Prof.Yokoya visited the university in Xi'an

2-8th Nov. 2017 IC2MS in Malang, Indonesia

1-5th Oct. 2017 3D Active-Site Science' 6th Report Meeting on Recent Results

29th Sep. 2017 Graduation Ceremony

21-24th Sep. 2017 JPS meeting in Iwate,Japan

13-15th Sep. 2017 Roma meeting

25th Aug. 2017 We got T-shirt of KimWipes

17th Aug. 2017 Odessa meeting

14th Aug. 2017: Visit Eguchi-sensei in Geneva

7th Aug. 2017: Birthday party for Prof. Akimitsu

11th July. 2017: Prof. Cassinese came to our lab

29th June. 2017: With Xavier.

7th May. 2017: Visited the japanese castle in okayama.

3rd May. 2017: Visited the Tuyosi Inukai's home.

11th Apr. 2017: Tulip!

24th Mar. 2017: Graduation ceremony.

23th Mar. 2017: Thank you Uesugi-san. Bye-bye

3rd Mar. 2017: The mid-term presentation of Master's theses

1st Mar. 2017: The presentation of graduation theses

20th Jan. 2017: The snowcap of Mt. Handayama.


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