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Yoshihiro Kubozono
Research laboratory for Surface Science
Okayama University
Tsusima-naka 3-1-1, Kita-ku
Okayama 700-8530, Japan

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Phone: +81-86-251-7850
Fax: +81-86-251-7903



Prof. Yoshihiro Kubozono

Prof. Yoshihiro Kubozono

Yoshihiro Kubozono received his BS (1985) and Ph.D. (1991) degrees from Kyushu University. After his experiences of Postdoctoral fellow (Kyushu Univ.), Assistant Professor (Okayama Univ. & IMS), Associate Professor (Okayama Univ.), he was given full Professor appointment at Research Laboratory for Surface Science, Okayama University in 2007. He is now Director of Research Center of New Functional Materials for Energy Production, Storage and Transport, Okayama University. He stayed at Oxford and ETH Zuerich for his oversea research.

Research interests: My research interest is to develop new physics and chemistry based on new functional materials, especially, materials consisting of light elements. Our group is working on fabrication and characterization of molecular superconductors which can be produced by chemical doping metals into solids of conjugated hydrocarbons and other carbon related materials. Furthermore, electrostatic doping to organic (hydrocarbons) and inorganic solids (2D inorganic materials, topological insulator and graphene) is also my important research subjects, which aims for not only emergence of novel physical properties such as superconductivity, but also realization of high-performance / multi-functional electronic devices. Our nano-scale science directs to realize nano-scale electronic devices. For this purpose, we are now using C60 and fullerene molecules as target material and STM as technique.